Kevin Feige admires a really odd Spider-Man villain

Kevin Feige has admitted to admiring a rather odd and obscure Spider-Man villain, and we're not sure what to make of it to be honest

Spider-Man grabs his head in surprise

If you’re a fan of the Spider-Man movies, then it’s likely you’ve got a favourite Spider-Man villain. I, for example, cannot get enough of Mysterio – the guy with a fishbowl for a head who uses illusions to beguile and battle the Wallcrawler. It seems, though, that Kevin Feige has a different taste in bad guys.

In a recent interview with Nick Lowe, the editor of Amazing Spider-Man (the comics upon which the big-screen Spidey is based), Feige admitted he’d always admired a relatively obscure, and frankly odd, bad guy Paste Pot Pete. “I’ve always admired Paste-Pot Pete,” Feige said. “I know he’s more of a Fantastic Four guy, but I always admired him because he was a joke, but he must have spent so much time making that paste.”

“He’s dedicated to it, and I really appreciate that,” he continued. What did Peter Parker do? He invented a paste too, but it was better and became webs. Paste-Pot Pete could only shoot it through those guns, and it’s not the best.”

Feige’s not wrong; Pete is a bit of a joke. So you’re unlikely to see Paste-Pot Pete battling Earth’s mightiest heroes in Avengers 5 or even the Fantastic Four MCU movie. Still, it’s cool to think that the guy responsible for the MCU movies knows such an insignificant character, although he’s not Feige’s favourite villain.

Spider-Man laughs at Paste-Pot Pete

During the same interview, Feige admitted that he’s got a soft spot for the Vulture. “Like my hero Paste-Pot Pete I appreciate people who aren’t billionaires and test scientific things on themselves,” he said. “People who are grinding and figuring it out.”

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