Scarlet Spider will feature in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

Another version of Spider-Man has just been added to the huge line up for Into the Spider-Verse 2, as Scarlet Spider prepares for the big screen

Scarlet Spider in Marvel comics

The Spider-Verse is growing all the time, as another Spider-Man character just got added to the huge list of wallcrawlers set to appear in Into the Spider-Verse 2. The upcoming Spider-Man movie will feature Scarlet Spider, who in the comic books, is a genetic clone of the original web-slinger, Peter Parker.

After the incredible success of the original animated movie back in 2018, which saw the film scoop the Best Animated Feature award at the Oscars, a sequel was inevitable. With plenty more Spider-Man villains to face, and even more Spidey variants to team up with, Into the Spider-Verse 2 is set to be an epic adventure movie.

The next chapter of Miles Morales’ story will be even bigger than the first, and it looks like it just got a little bigger. Thanks to a Twitter post featuring images of a Spider-Verse board game, it seems Scarlet Spider will be joining the fray for the family movie sequel. Here’s what we know about the character.

Now, in classic comic book fashions, there’s all sorts of variants of this variant of Spider-Man, which makes everything fun and not at all confusing. But, the most likely Scarlet Spider to appear in Spider-Verse 2 is Ben Reilly.

Reilly was created as a clone of Peter Parker, and belongs to the main Marvel universe of Earth-616. He wears a red suit and a cool little blue hoody. Though he is originally a villain, Scarlet Spider eventually makes friends with our favourite Friendly Neighbourhood hero and fights alongside him.

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It remains to be seen how the cartoon superhero movie will utilise this character, but we will be keeping our eyes out for more clues along the way. There is of course a small chance that he won’t be in the movie at all, but we suspect the fact he is on the merchandise is a good indicator that he will show up at some point.

With more Spideys, comes more Spider-Man actors too, and we can’t wait to see who will voice this particular character. For more from the world of webs, here’s our list of the best Tom Holland movies.