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Netflix’s Raving Rabbids movie gets first trailer

Raving Rabbids are coming to Netflix for a special movie, and we now have the first trailer to give us a better idea of what to expect

Raving Rabbids Netflix special gets trailer

The mischievous Raving Rabbids have enjoyed quite the journey since their introduction as antagonists in the popular Rayman series of video games back in 2006. Since then, the Rabbids have taken on their own video game franchise, have starred in multiple TV animated series, and now they are set to land on streaming service Netflix, for a special movie. Quite the success story, for a bunch of weird, animated rabbits.

As hyper-active cartoon characters who love to cause chaos, talk gibberish and go on wild animated adventures, the Rabbids are perfect fodder for a family movie. Much like the infamous Minions from Despicable Me, we’re sure parents will absolutely love seeing more of these characters and won’t find them annoying at all as their kids demand repeat viewings.

Netflix has now released the first trailer for their Raving Rabbids movie, titled Mission to Mars. The video game adaptation is set to be released on the streaming platform on February 18, 2022. This movie is not to be confused with the upcoming feature film being developed by Ubisoft.

The special comedy movie looks set to have a runtime of 70 minutes, and once again the Rabbids are wreaking havoc, but this time, they’re doing it all for a good cause. The indestructible critters are sent to Mars for what appears to be an innocuous exploration mission, but which soon turns out to be a more sinister plot to take over the planet.

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Can the Rabbids defy all expectations and actually save the day, and indeed a whole planet? They are joined by a team of human heroes, and appear to make friends with some oddly loveable Martians, too, in what looks to be a surprisingly endearing animated adventure.

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