Uncharted film release date, cast, and more

When is the Uncharted film coming out? Evidently, five hit videogames (now also coming to PC) isn’t quite enough for Sony, Naughty Dog, or Nathan Drake, since they’re now eying up the big screen for an Uncharted film. Long in gestation, the idea of a truly cinematic version of Drake’s globe-trotting antics has been knocking around almost as long as the games have, but it wasn’t until recently everything started to come together.

Indeed, it was only within the last couple of years that the stars aligned for Ruben Fleischer, Tom Holland, Art Macrum, and Matt Holloway to come on board as the director, leading actor, and writers, respectively. Big names have come and gone, multiple directors have almost taken the chair, and the release date’s shifted more times than there have been Uncharted games. But finally, in 2019, momentum started that wouldn’t let up, and the Uncharted film, the first from Sony’s PlayStation Productions, is now in post-production.

It’s been a long road, full of twists and turns, ups and downs, but here we have all the information you need on Uncharted. The release date, who’s in it, what kind of story you can expect, everything else you need to know about Nathan Drake’s arrival to your local cineplex.

When is the Uncharted film release date?

As of now, the Uncharted movie is scheduled to hit theatres on February 18, 2022. This is very much subject to change, having been delayed as recently as April 2021. Uncharted was initially set to come out December 2020, but a change of director caused it to be moved to March 2021. Then, it shifted to October 8, 2021, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and moved back to July 2021, before moving to February 11, 2022.

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Another push of one week gave it the current release date. All going well, February 2022 will hold, and this movie can finally see the light of day.

Who’s starring in Uncharted?

First and foremost, Tom Holland is playing Nathan Drake, the central protagonist of the series. Holland, who also plays Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has been attached to star in the movie since 2017, fresh off the buzz of his entrance into the MCU. In October 2020, Holland took to Instagram to share an image of himself in his adventuring regalia during filming.

Alongside him is Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg, who’ll be playing Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, an older character who acts as Drake’s mentor and confidante. Wahlberg was tied to star as Nathan Drake in an early draft of Uncharted back in 2010, and obviously retained some interest in the property, coming back around for a more grizzled role over a decade later.

Sophie Taylor Ali, whose credits include Truth or Dare and Grey’s Anatomy, will star opposite Holland as Chloe Frazer, Drake’s love interest. Tati Gabrielle, a regular on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Antonio Banderas round out the cast thus far.

When is Uncharted set?

We don’t know the exact time the Uncharted film will take place, but we know it’s going to be a prequel to the videogames. Holland is portraying a younger, scrappier Nathan Drake, in what he says is an origin story. According to Holland, the movie is taking heavy inspiration from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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A few seconds (if even) of footage featuring Wahlberg, Holland, and some behind-the-scenes was included in the above Sony showreel honouring its employees. Sony Pictures has released a still from the movie, of Drake (Holland), and a not-yet-moustachioed Sully (Wahlberg), doing some exploring together.

Drake’s romantic history with Chloe is only mentioned in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, giving the movie freedom to explore how the two met, what happened, and where we find them in the games.

Barring any more obstacles, we should hear more soon, like an official synopsis, or get a snippet of footage. Stay tuned, these are uncharted waters (sorry, not sorry.)

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Anthony McGlynn

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Updated: Jun 04, 2021

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