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Scream 5 directors have ideas for more Ready or Not and Ghostface sequels

Scream 5 co-directors explain they've got plenty of options for what horror movie they'll be working on next

Ghostface in Scream 5

The new Scream might be just out, but the directors of the horror movie sequel aren’t going to rest on their laurels. Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpinhave ideas for more Ghostface, more of their other properties, and something unrelated to anything else too.

“I think I can say that we love both ideas and I think we want to pursue both things. We have a bunch of really fun, original things that we’re working on,” Gillett told Collider. “We know that there’s been a conversation about Ready or Not. We certainly know that Guy (Busick) and Jamie (Vanderbilt) have amazing ideas about where Scream could go after this last one. We just want to be involved in all of it.”

Gillet explains that when the whole experience of making Scream, and working with Project X Entertainment, was so great on a personal level, they’re just happy to collaborate more. “We’ve got a lot of really fun, original stuff coming up as well,” he says, “so I think a bit of all of it.”

At the end of his answer, he gives no promises, however. He simply states: “hopefully there’s more.” Going by the positive reception to Scream, currently at 77% critically on Rotten Tomatoes, and with $173 million at the global box office, more seems likely.

2019’s Ready or Not did similarly well, scoring $56 million on a five million dollar budget. The thriller movie does have a fairly unequivocal end, with Samara Weaving’s Becky surviving. But who’s to say the focus turns to someone else meeting their partner’s family? Or Becky just has dire taste in significant others – the possibilities are multiple.

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