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The Flight Attendant crew played gross prank on Kaley Cuoco

The cast and crew of the TV series The Flight Attendant pulled a creepy crawly prank on star Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco has revealed that the crew of the acclaimed 2020 TV series The Flight Attendant is full of pranksters. However, their latest joke may have just been a gross step too far.

In a now-deleted Instagram video (via Digital Spy), originally shared by Jayde Moon- a set costumer- it was shown that Cuoco’s colleagues orchestrated a creepy-crawly surprise for the star. The clip shows that the crew had covered Cuco’s toilet in fake , but eerily realistic cockroach stickers. In a later recording, Cuoco’s reaction to the prank was also shown, and the star was seen running out of her trailer screaming in surprise. Moon jokingly attached the comment “got you!” while exposing the actor to her followers.

Cuoco responded to the prank by recording her own video of the incident. Posting to her Instagram story, which has since expired, the star said: “This is what I walked into.” She then continued to scan her camera around the small room – capturing the true horror of the scene of the cockroach crime.

“This is literally every day,” the star teased. “The cast and crew has plotted against me and now scares me at every turn. I am not safe.” Luckily these jokes all seem to be good-natured, and the team and Cuoco of the Emmy award-winning show appear to actually get on like a house on fire.

In an interview with People magazine in August 2021, Cuoco spoke about her love and admiration for the show and all who have helped it come to life. “I had never made a show. I was like, ‘I don’t even know how people do this!’ And I didn’t realise, until this show, how many people are involved in getting this thing off the ground,” she said. “I begged Rosie Perez to play Megan. And eventually, I got her on board.”

Kaley Cuoco in HBO's The Flight Attendant

“A few months later, we had our first scene together in the galley, and I looked over at her, and my eyes started to well up,” Cuoco explained. “She’s like, ‘What’s the matter with you?’ And I said, ‘Do you understand this is like a child with her mood board?’ I’d been involved in the whole thing, and it was a dream literally coming true in front of my eyes.”

The Flight Attendant season 2 is scheduled to hit the streaming service, HBO Max, in spring 2022 in the US. Unfortunately, a UK date is yet to be announced. In the meantime, all our readers from over the can watch the first season of the series on NowTV.