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Star Wars Andor: Is Lonni a Rebel spy?

People aren't always what they seem in the Star Wars universe, and we're now wondering whether Lonni is a Rebel spy in Andor episode 10

Stellan Skarsgard as Luthen Rael in Star Wars Andor

Is Lonni a Rebel spy in Star Wars: Andor? Things aren’t always black and white when it comes to Star Wars characters and more often than not, you’re likely to find someone who will betray their cause or turn out to be a spy for the enemy. In the Star Wars series Andor, that’s certainly been the case.

So far, we’ve seen Skeen betray the Rebels, Mon Mothma working to overthrow the Empire, and heard Luthen Rael’s plan to incite mass violence across the galaxy. Someone is always plotting something, and we’ve been curious about ISB officer Lonni Jung for a while now, but Andor episode 10 finally gave us some answers about his motives.

We’re here to share those answers with you, so if you want to know is Lonni a Rebel spy, wonder no more. Warning, spoilers ahead.

Is Lonni a Rebel spy?

At the end of Andor episode 10, Lonni meets with Luthen Rael and it is revealed that he has been feeding the Rebellion information for at least the last year. So, yes Lonni is a Rebel spy.

In the sci-fi series, he warns Luthen about Dedra Meero‘s work and impending assault on Anto Kreegyr which could see 50 men perish at Spellhaus, but Luthen doesn’t seem to care too much. He’s happy to make that sacrifice in order to keep Lonni’s position as an informant secure.

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The problem is, Lonni doesn’t want to be a Rebel spy anymore. He has a young daughter now, and just wants to retire peacefully from spying and the Galactic Empire after giving Luthen this last batch of intel. That isn’t going to happen though, as Luthen subtly threatens the safety of Lonni’s family if he doesn’t continue feeding him information about the ISB.

Poor Lonni! It remains to be seen if Lonni’s story will continue in Andor season 2, but if you want to know more about Star Wars, check out our list of the best Star Wars droids, the best Star Wars villains, and the best Star Wars scenes. Or, stick with Andor and check out our guide to Cassian Andor, the Andor cast, and Luthen Rael’s ship.