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Samuel L. Jackson and Emilia Clarke appear in Marvel’s Secret Invasion set photos

Nick Fury is back in the MCU, and Emilia Clarke has joined the franchise in new photos taken in North Yorkshire from the set of Secret Invasion

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

New set photos have revealed Samuel L. Jackson’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Emilia Clarke’s debut. The pair are starring in Secret Invasion, a TV series for Disney Plus, that’s currently filming in the UK.

Twitter user Alan Milner caught the snaps of Jackson as Nick Fury, who’s in some very comfy civilian digs, sporting a woolly hat, trenchcoat, and thick jumper. If it wasn’t for the prosthetics on his eye, you’d swear the former director of SHIELD was just out enjoying the sights and sounds of Yorkshire, accompanied by a hefty entourage. Emilia Clarke is similar, captured by Yorkshire Live sporting a thick rain jacket over boots and combat trousers.

They’re on-set in Leeds, though before you wonder if Marvel Phase 4 is taking a detour through northern England, it’s all been done up to look like a Russian city. No indication is given as to why the story is going there – perhaps it’s where Nick recruits Emilia Clarke’s character? – but since we know Skrulls are involved, it probably won’t be the only nation visited in the plot, either.

Since Secret Invasion doesn’t have a release window yet, this is all early days. However, the flow of production (which kicked off last year) means we can expect a steady drip of information on the sci-fi series, if only from local onlookers sneaking a peak.

Carrying on from Captain Marvel, Secret Invasion will cover the Skrulls and their integration on Earth. As shape-shifting aliens, they can be just about anywhere, and the MCU has now established they’ve been among us for some time now.

Kyle Bradstreet is creator and showrunner on Secret Invasion, which features Carmen Ejogo, Oliva Colman, and Cobie Smulders’s return to the franchise as Maria Hill. We’ll keep you informed as we hear more.

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