The Invisible Man is now streaming on Netflix

The Invisible Man, one of the best horror movies, starring Elisabeth Moss, is now available on Netflix

Elisabeth Moss in The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man, one of the best horror movies from 2020, is now available to stream on Netflix. The thriller movie, led by Elisabeth Moss, follows one woman’s attempts to escape an abusive partner who haunts her through his ability to become transparent.

Cecilia, played by Moss, sneaks away from her uber-rich scientist boyfriend Adrian. Some time later, he’s found dead, from an apparent suicide. Wary of the lengths he’ll go to, Cecilia starts to believe something is amiss, and evidence suggests Adrian is using some of the advanced optical tech he created to interfere with her life. But how does she convince people of what they can’t see? Thus is the engine for tension and terror.

Leigh Whannell wrote and directed the monster movie, merging the atmosphere you can find in his ghost movie Insidious with the nightmarish future-tech of his science fiction movie Upgrade. Though competition was slimmer than expected for obvious reasons, The Invisible Man still holds up as one of the more inventive, relevant, and quietly terrifying movies of recent years – an easy choice if you’ve browsing for the best Netflix horror movies.

Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer, Michael Dorman, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen join Moss in the cast. Check out a trailer below for a sense of the chilling atmosphere:

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This is the first of Blumhouse’s Universal Monster remakes. After The Mummy failed to kick off the Dark Universe in 2017, Universal decided to go a little smaller, turning to Blumhouse for its signature cheap, efficient approach. The picture went on to make $143 million on $7 million budget, and now has two sequels in the works. Blumhouse is also working on movies based on Wolfman and Dracula, gradually shaping out its Universal Monsters cinematic world.

You can find The Invisible Woman on Netflix now. For more scares, check out the best horror movies of 2021.