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Kevin James wants to do Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 because we’ve not suffered enough

Kevin James has said he had a great time making a third Paul Blart movie and said he'd love to make Paul Blart 3

Kevin James as Paul Blart

Two years into a global pandemic, with Ukraine and Russia on the brink of war and the cost of living on the rise, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse has finally arrived, and he’s riding a segway. That’s right, Kevin James is ready to complete the Paul Blart: Mall Cop trilogy.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, James explained that while they haven’t entirely worked out what the story will be, he’d love to make a third Blart movie. “Yeah. Well, we’ve got to work that one out,” James said. “I would love [to make Paul Blart 3]. I don’t know what the story is yet. But it was so much fun shooting in Vegas. That was a great time.”

We’re glad to hear someone had a good time with Paul Blart, and we don’t think James should let the lack of a story stop him from making his movie. After all, it didn’t stop him from making the first two films, did it? Nominally a comedy movie (although comedies traditionally have jokes in them), the first Paul Blart film stars James as the titular bumbling security guard who ends up involved in a mall heist.

Critics took great joy in mauling (or should that be mall-ing) the comedy-action movie, but it was a box office success, so a sequel was greenlit. Somehow the team responsible for the film did the impossible and made a worse movie. Thankfully while Blart 2 turned a profit, it didn’t get a sequel.

While Paul Blart 3 hasn’t been officially greenlit yet, we’re keen to be involved in the creative process. If you’re looking for a title suggestion, James how about ‘Kevin James’s Mall Cop Coda: The Death of Paul Blart’, that way, we’d be certain there couldn’t be a fourth.