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Daniel Craig thinks Knives Out 2 will be released in autumn 2022

Daniel Craig says that he thinks Knives Out 2 will be hitting the big screen come autumn 2022

Daniel Craig thinks Knives Out 2 will be released in Fall, 2022

Following his last performance as James Bond in No Time to Die, Daniel Craig has now teased fans that we may get to see him in another crime-fighting role soon – in 2022, to be exact. In a conversation with Variety, Craig revealed that Knives Out 2, the sequel to the award-winning 2019 “whodunnit” comedy movie Knives Out, might be released as early as autumn this year.

Set to reprise his role as the charming detective Benoit Blanc, the leading protagonist in Rian Johnson’s thriller movie franchise, Craig is scheduled to crack another murder mystery in the upcoming sequel. However, despite having wrapped filming in September 2021, news on Knives Out 2 has been sparse, and no official release date has been disclosed just yet.

Luckily for fans, Craig has now shared some hints and behind-the-scenes information about the production on when we could finally get to see the flick. “We did the second one this summer, in Greece, and then we filmed studio work in Serbia,” the star said. “It’s in the can. Rian [Johnson] is editing now, and it’ll be out, I think, in the fall of this year.”

News that Knives Out 2 will release between third and fourth quarters of 2022 makes sense as it sets the film up in line with award season. In 2019 Knives Out grossed an impressive $311 million at the worldwide box office and was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 92nd Academy Awards. With its success in mind, it makes sense that the studio would be strategic in aiming its release to replicate the past.

Knives Out 2 is set to have a theatrical release, and will be available to view on the streaming service Netflix too. Johnson has also already finished writing its sequel action movie – Knives Out 3. So detective Blanc fans buckle in because the good sleuthing times have only just begun.

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