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How to watch All of Us Are Dead - where can you stream the Korean horror series?

All of Us Are Dead is a Korean horror series that promises pure zombie chaos - when and where can you watch the new TV show?

All of Us Are Dead on Netflix

Where can you watch All of Us Are Dead? The new Korean horror TV series promises some extreme zombie terror. Taking place inside a high school – a location terrifying as is – the trailer indicates we can expect bedlam.

Produced by Netflix, the show was first announced back in 2020, as part of the streaming service‘s ongoing push into foreign-language TV and film. It’s based on Now At Our School, a popular Korean webtoon from the late 2000s by Joo Dong-geun, and follows a group of students who have to break out of their infested school. Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su, both tenured Korean filmmakers, share directing duties, with Chun Sung-il writing the screenplay.

On the back of Squid Game, Hellbound, and Alice in Borderland, All of Us are Dead promises to be another exciting addition to Netflix‘s library of non-English-language work. When should you be keeping an eye out for the mayhem? Can you expect to get a look at it without a Netflix subscription? We’ve all your answers right here, and without locking you in an exam hall either.

Where can you watch All of Us are Dead?

Netflix is releasing the entire season of All of Us are Dead on January 28, at 00:00 PST/03:00 EST/08:00 GMT. the series will last eight episodes – that’s practically four zombie movies! – and all of them will be available at once.

You can watch the whole lot over one exhilarating day, or weekend, or week, or however long you like, Netflix has distinguished itself in the streaming space with these all-in-one drops. When it happens on a Friday, who can complain?

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Can you stream All of Us are Dead?

Yes, exclusively on Netflix. Some originals from the platform, such as You, have become available for digital purchase on Amazon Prime, but this is very much on a case-by-case basis, and only ever for premium prices.

Subscribing to Netflix is the only guaranteed way for you to watch as soon as it’s available. This’ll also get you access to any further seasons, and all the Netflix horror movies on offer, too.