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Jared Leto reacts to House of Gucci criticism

Jared Leto has spoken out and shared his thoughts on House of Gucci critics and criticism on his performance for Ridley Scott's movie

Jared Leto reacts to House of Gucci criticism

Ridley Scott’s drama movie, House of Gucci, was notoriously divisive among cinephiles when it was released in 2021. However, Jared Leto – who plays Paolo Gucci, the ‘black sheep’ of the fashion-forward family – seems undeterred by the film’s critics. In a recent interview with Screendaily, the star reacted to detractors by pointing out, “if you’re not pissing people off, then you’re doing something wrong.”

House of Gucci tells the ‘shocking true story’ of the scandalous family behind the Italian fashion empire, Gucci. Full of betrayal, lies, greed, and interpersonal tension, the flick shows the unravelling of relationships that ultimately lead to murder. Despite receiving a SAG nomination in the supporting actor category for his performance, Leto has still come under fire for his portrayal of Paolo– but, luckily, the star isn’t too bothered by his naysayers.

“I can imagine [the reaction] because it’s a big swing,” Leto explained. “I don’t look at reviews, I don’t look at critics or read comments, but I tried my very best. Paolo is the best I can do. If you don’t like the work, that’s OK.”

“I had a blast playing it; I dug in as deep as I could,” the actor continued. “It’s also that thing of if you’re not pissing people off, then you’re doing something wrong. As an actor, if you want to put a dent in things, you got to break things a bit, and not everyone’s going to understand that. So if that’s happening, then great.”

Previously, the star joked that he snorted lines of arrabbiata sauce in preparation for the role. So it is understandable why his performance has been met with a few raised eyebrows. But, jokes and critics aside, at the end of the day, no one can deny that Leto’s work has paid off. Although divisive, his approach has put him as a front runner for awards season. He even received praise from House of Gucci co-star and legendary actor Al Pacino who commented on how the star was “unrecognisable on set.”

Leaving the arrabbiata sauce behind, Leto is already looking to the future and is set to hit the big screen again in the monster movie Morbius which will swoop into theatres on April 1, 2022.