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Tom Cruise to shoot space movie on International Space Station

Tom Cruise's long-standing plan to shoot a movie in space looks to have found a home, with scenes set to be shot on the International Space Station

Tom Cruise's space movie will shoot on International Space Station

The cinematic space race rages on! That’s right folks, we have more details on Tom Cruise’s plans to shoot a movie in space. Last week, it was confirmed that the company co-producing this venture had huge plans to build their own movie studio in space. So, when can we see Tom Cruise battling an actual alien? Well, more information has been shared about Tom Cruise’s untitled, unwritten movie in space.

Tom Cruise, of course, has the small matter of a couple of Mission: Impossible movies to complete. Getting those action movies over the line is proving to be more and more difficult, with further delays announced to the upcoming instalments in the spy movie franchise. Not content with the level of death-defying stunts he pulls off in those movies, Tom Cruise has his sights set on leaving the planet and making a movie in space.

We know by now, what Tom Cruise wants, he usually gets. Seriously, if anyone can make a movie in space, it’s this guy. And, it looks like he’s going to make it happen, as new details emerge reporting that the space movie he’s planning with director Doug Liman, will shoot some scenes on board the International Space Station.

Although it looks like this American production will lose the space race to The Challenge, a Russian movie which appears to be in pole position to shoot scenes away from Planet Earth. Due to the ever-changing schedule for Tom Cruise, delays to the untitled space project keep getting pushed back.

It was assumed that the movie studio in space could be the home for Tom Cruise’s planned movie, but now it seems the project, with collaboration from NASA and Elon Musk’s Space X, will shoot scenes on the International Space Station instead. Apparently, additional footage will also be shot on board an actual rocket too, because it’s not enough to make a movie on just the International Space Station alone, right?

Production on the movie is planned for 2023, but it would appear there isn’t even a script in place yet, which is a little concerning. Curiously, the movie isn’t being billed as a sci-fi movie either, with most of the footage actually set to take place on earth. Rumour has it, the film fits more into the adventure movie category, with just a portion of the film taking place in space. So, sounds like no aliens this time, unfortunately.