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Spider-Man: No Way Home director producing Final Destination reboot for HBO Max

Spider-Man director Jon Watts is producing Final Destination 6 for HBO Max, the first film in the successful horror franchise since 2011

Final Destination

Fans of inexplicably elaborate death scenes rejoice because we’re getting another entry in horror movie franchise Final Destination! Director of the MCU Spider-Man films, Jon Watts, is producing Final Destination 6 for HBO Max, the first film in the franchise since 2011.

Basking in the record-breaking box office success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Watts has written the treatment and story for the latest entry in the horror series which sees teens trying to avoid their fated deaths.

The first film, released in 2000, starred the extremely early-2000s cast of Casper’s Devon Sawa, Heroes’ Ali Larter, Dawson Creek’s Kerr Smith and American Pie’s Seann William Scott.

They play a group of High School students who are kicked off their field trip flight to Paris, shortly before the plane explodes as it takes off. Death then spends the rest of the movie picking each one of them off in increasingly elaborate ways.

Four sequels were made, with the box office actually increasing as the franchise went on. It is New Line’s third-biggest horror franchise, after The Conjuring and the two movies based on Stephen King‘s It.

Lori Evans Taylor (Bed Rest) and Guy Busick, who wrote Ready or Not and worked on the upcoming Scream sequel, are now writing the screenplay.

The Final Destination formula is easy to replicate across multiple movies. A character has a premonition of their death and avoids it, usually warning others to do so as well. Death, who then feels short-changed, gradually comes for the ‘ones who got away.’

Some of the more memorable deaths include the car following behind a truck full of logs, the sudden bus kablam, the gymnastics kablooie and the whole laser-eye surgery thing in Final Destination 5.

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