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Leonardo DiCaprio forced Jonah Hill to watch The Mandalorian but he “didn’t give a f*ck”

Leonardo DiCaprio tried and failed to get his Don't Look Up co-star, Jonah Hill into the sci-fi series The Mandalorian

Leonardo DiCaprio forced Jonah Hill to watch The Mandalorian but he "didn’t give a f*ck"

It turns out that Jonah Hill isn’t a massive fan of Star Wars, or more specifically, the spin-off Disney plus TV series The Mandalorian. In an interview with W Magazine, while promoting his latest thriller movie Don’t Look Up, Hill revealed that his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio forced him to watch the sci-fi series – but despite DiCaprio’s best efforts, he remained unhooked.

“Leo made me watch The Mandalorian when we were making Don’t Look Up, and it was like, Baby Yoda was so cute, but I just didn’t give a fuck because I didn’t know anything that it was about,” Hill said. The star also explained why he perhaps wasn’t so enthused with the out of this world story seen in the show.

“I used to have a rule: If it didn’t happen or it couldn’t happen, then I just wasn’t interested, because I would lose focus.” However, it seems like Hill has become more of a fantasy guy over science fiction, since letting go of this “if it couldn’t happen” watch rule. The star discussed how despite not falling in love with a galaxy far away, he had been sucked into the world of dragons and White Walkers in the hit series, Game of Thrones.

“Game of Thrones is so sick,” Hill said. “I know this is hilarious, because I’m in 2012. I’m just watching three episodes at a time, like you would binge any show. But I forget this happened in real-time and was like a cultural event. So I watched the ‘Red Wedding’, as one of three episodes I watched that night. I’m calling friends, like, ‘Oh my god, Robb Stark got killed, blah, blah, blah.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, dude. It was like the end-of-Sopranos-level cultural event.'”

We are sure DiCaprio is upset he doesn’t have another Mandalorian fan by his side, and we are curious to see if he can convince Hill to try an episode of Boba Fett next. You can see both DiCaprio and Hill in the drama movie Don’t Look Up, which is currently available to watch on the streaming service Netflix.