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The Batman won’t show Bruce Wayne’s origin story

The Batman director Matt Reeves has confirmed that we won't see the death of Bruce Wayne's parents again in his upcoming Batman movie

The Batman won't show Bruce Wayne's origins

How many times have you seen Bruce Wayne’s parents die? That traumatic moment has been played out over and over again in the various versions of Batman stories over the years. So much so, that it is now a running joke that, much like Peter Parker‘s origin story in Spider-Man, we are destined to repeat this narrative sequence until the end of time. But Matt Reeves plans to put a stop to this, with his upcoming action movie The Batman.

The director has confirmed that when audiences sit down to watch The Batman in March, we will not see the origins of Bruce Wayne and the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The news comes as a relief, and further strengthens the belief that Matt Reeves knows what he is doing, and has the conviction and vision to make The Batman brilliant in its own right.

So far, we know The Batman will tell the story of Bruce Wayne, played by Robert Pattinson, as he heads into his second year as the Caped Crusader. In the thriller movie, he is faced with the task of bringing down The Riddler, with many other Batman villains also featuring.

With the release of The Batman drawing ever-nearer, the cast and crew have begun their promotional tours and have been sharing lots of information about the film and its characters. We now know key details like the runtime, which will make The Batman the longest Batman movie ever,  we have heard the theme tune, and we know the movie’s MPAA rating will be a PG-13.

But, of course, we want more. In the recent past, we saw a now deleted synopsis, which offered some insight into what we can expect from The Batman. However, Matt Reeves’ latest interview offers much more in the way of actually knowing what his approach has been to telling the story of Gotham’s greatest hero.

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When asked about the origins of Bruce Wayne, and the death of his parents, Reeves is quoted as saying: “It’s been done too much. I knew we couldn’t do that.” By jumping ahead to year two of Batman’s crime-fighting career, we can be excited at the prospect of the majority of the runtime being focused on the here and now, rather than being an origin story.

It’s a similar tactic to the one employed by Marvel when handling Peter Parker’s journey in the MCU, and it definitely seems to have worked there, with Spider-Man: No Way Home finding huge success at the box-office.

We are told The Batman will be a separate entity to the DC Extended Universe, so don’t expect any cameos from the Justice League here. For a round-up of all the key information regarding The Batman, check out our all-encompassing guide.