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Even Sam Raimi doesn’t know if Doctor Strange 2 has finished filming yet

Horror movie master Sam Raimi has admitted that even he, the director of the film, doesn't know if Docotr Strange 2 has finished filming yet

Sam Raimi and Benedict CUmberbatch as Doctor Strange

It’s been a long road to the silver screen for Doctor Strange 2. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s sorcerer supreme’s second outing has been delayed by a change in director, a worldwide pandemic, and extensive reshoots. Still, though, it was announced earlier this month that filming has finally finished on the upcoming action movie, or has it?

You see, Sam Raimi, the horror movie veteran who’s directing the film for Marvel Studios, isn’t so sure. “I wish I knew the answer to that question,” Raimi told Variety when they asked if shooting had finished on Strange’s second adventure.

“I think we’re done, but we just cut everything,” he continued. “We’re just starting to test the picture, and we’ll find out if there’s anything that’s got to be picked up. If something’s unclear or another improvement I can make in this short amount of time left, I’ll do it. One thing I know about the Marvel team is they won’t stop. They’ll keep pushing it until it’s as close to being great as it could.”

Still, despite being a little confused about what he’s doing, Raimi had nothing but good things to say about Marvel and Kevin Feige. “Marvel’s been a great team to work with,” Raimi said.

“I think that was a not-surprising surprise,” he explained. “I’ve been super-supported by the whole Marvel operations, starting at the top with Kevin Feige and working all the way down to the crews that they work with. [They’re] super professional and have supported me every step of the way.”

Doctor Strange 2 is part of Marvel’s Phase 4 and will appear in theatres on May 6, 2022