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Dexter star Michael C Hall hopes fans “appreciate” New Blood’s ending

Michael C Hall believes Dxter: New Blood ends the TV series on a better note than the previous conclusion

Michael C Hall in Dexter: New Blood

We’ve just had the Dexter: New Blood ending, with some gut-wrenching twists for longtime viewers of the TV series. Michael C Hall, who plays serial killer Dexter Morgan, has reflected on the closure presented fans and hopes they’ll embrace what happens. Warning: spoilers ahead!

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hall says this particular conclusion struck a chord with him, and he believes if approached with an open mind, others will feel the same. “The way the season concludes is one that resonates with me. It feels justifiable,” he explains. “As upsetting as it may be, I hope audiences will appreciate the resonance of Dexter dying this way at the hands of his son.”

Hall goes on to state that people were looking for a coda to Dexter’s original ending, where he and his dark passenger lived in seclusion in what was a very messy swansong. If they’re unhappy, they should consider what they were hoping for. “People moaned about an ending that was admittedly open-ended and without any sense of closure,” he says. “I guess you have to be careful what you wish for.”

New Blood brings everything full circle for Dexter. Harrison’s return challenges Dexter’s perception of himself and ‘The Code’, ultimately leading to what happens. Clyde Phillips, who was showrunner on the first four seasons, returned for this sequel, bringing a particular kind of psychology that had been missing since those early days.

If nothing else, this follow-up does leave things less open. The ambiguity didn’t help Dexter’s original ending, hence the demand for a revisit somewhere down the line. We’re unlikely to see more, though Phillips is open to another season.

“It’s all in Showtime’s hands,” he told TVLine. “If they were to call me and say, ‘We want to do Harrison. We want you to figure it out,’ I’m pretty busy, but I would drop everything I’m doing and jump right into it. I would love to do it, but it’s really up to Showtime.”

For now, you can find every episode of Dexter: New Blood on Hulu in the US and Now TV in the UK.