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Dwayne Johnson is coming to Sesame Street to teach Elmo about cheat meals

Johnson plans to usurp Cookie Monster when it comes to eating baked goods

Dwayne Johnson in Fate of the Furious, Elmo in Sesame Street

Things could be getting rowdy down on Sesame Street, and Dwayne Johnson might be the culprit. The pro wrestler turned blockbuster action movie star has tweeted about causing havoc on the kid’s TV series in the name of cheat meals and cookies.

Naturally, this all starts with Elmo. The red rascal tweeted asking if anyone’s ever seen a rock eat a cookie – just out of curiosity, mind. Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson spotted this post, and decided it was time to educate everyone on his prowess in eating baked goods. “Yes, my friend. This Rock devours cookies. All kinds of cookies,” Johnson said in a quote-tweet. “I’ll introduce you to cheat meals, and it’ll change your life.”

Besides offering to help Elmo get jacked, Johnson sent out a warning to other Sesame residents. “Tell Cookie Monster to move it over, [because] I’m coming to Sesame Street to kick ass and eat cookies,” he says. “And I’m almost all outta cookies.” Sure, it starts with an eating competition, but where does it end? Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Mr Snuffleupagus, they all better watch themselves.

In the replies, Cookie Monster accepted the challenge. A professional eater of cookies, we fancy the monster’s odds on this one, though expect Johnson to put up a serious fight.

While he isn’t threatening muppets to eating contests, Johnson’s been keeping bust making some of the biggest films at the moment. His thriller movie Red Notice, with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, had the biggest Netflix opening ever. We’ll be seeing him in the DCEU movie Black Adam later this year and hearing him in the animated movie DC League of Super-Pets.

This all said, maybe nothing will come of it – after all, perhaps nobody will tell Johnson how to get to Sesame Street, and he’ll just be wandering cities looking for the fabled neighbourhood.