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How to watch Belle (2021) - can you stream Mamoru Hosoda’s new anime movie?

How can you watch the anime movie, Belle? It's a tale as old as time but Beauty and the Beast has been adapted once again this time for a modern audience

Belle and Beast from Belle (202)

How can you watch the anime movie, Belle? It’s a tale as old as time, but Beauty and the Beast has been adapted once again; this time for a modern audience. Set in a world where people spend their lives in the virtual world known as ‘U’, Belle tells the story of Suzu Naito, a shy girl struggling after her mother’s death.

To escape her grief she enters U anonymously, creating the beautiful digital avatar Belle as her disguise. Once there, she quickly becomes a pop sensation enchanting the world with her incredible songs. However, U isn’t the programmed paradise it’s made out to be, and a chance encounter with the monstrous Beast sets Suzu on the path to self-discovery.

A remarkable animated movie Belle received a 14-minute-standing ovation when it premiered and scored an impressive 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Digital Fix’s Emma-Jane Betts wrote that Belle is a “charming explosion of imagination and colour that anime fans won’t want to miss.” Now the film is set for release in the UK but where can you watch Belle?

Where can you watch Belle (2021)?

Belle hits cinemas here in the United Kingdom on February 4, although there are a few previews in select venues around the country if you can’t wait that long.

The animated movie premiered all the way back in July at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival before releasing in cinemas across Japan on July 16. Across the Pond in America, Belle opened on January 14, so we Brits are getting it quite late.

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Can you stream Belle (2021)?

Unfortunately for those of you who prefer to enjoy movies from the comfort of their living room Belle isn’t available to stream yet.

There’s also no news of when it’ll be hitting home ents, so if you’re desperate to see this modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, you’re going to have to get your coat on and head down to the local cinema.

We’ll keep this page updated as and when we get news about Belle’s home ents release. In the meantime, why not check out our list of the best anime series.