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John Cena “hopes” to make Fast and Furious return

Cena calls himself a fan of the action movie franchise, and hopes to be involved in Fast 10 as production starts ramping up

John Cena in Fast 9

Is John Cena coming back to the Fast and Furious franchise? The Peacemaker star apparently isn’t sure, but he hopes so, as he says in an interview with Good Morning America.

Co-host Michael Strahan asks Cena if he’ll be living life a quarter-mile at a time for Fast 10, the next mainline action movie in the series. Playing coy, Cena simply responds that he hopes that’ll be the case. “I really hope you see me in Fast 10, I know they’re gearing up for production,” the former WWE champion states, in full Peacemaker regalia. “I would love nothing more than to return to the franchise, I’m a big fan myself.”

Cena made his Fast debut with 2021’s F9, as new anti-villain Jakob Toretto, long-lost brother to Vin Diesel’s Dom. For the bulk of the thriller movie, Jakob is the antagonist, but family is everything and all that, and eventually, everyone reconciles. Once they see off overarching villain Cipher (Charlize Theron), Jakob drives away, leaving his return an open question that we’ll all just have to sit and hope they answer.

Of course, Cena isn’t the kind of talent you bring on just for one instalment, and it’s very likely we’ll see him behind the wheel of a muscle car or other very soon. The DCEU locked him down for a spin-off sci-fi series after his turn as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad.

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His show is an explosive, satirical take on heroism, very much in line with the tone of James Gunn’s science fiction movie. Peacemaker, overseen by Gunn, premiered on streaming service HBO Max on January 13, and will run for ten episodes.

No UK release date has been announced for Peacemaker, but Fast 10 is due to arrive in theatres in May 2023. It’ll be directed by Justin Lin, with many series regulars returning.