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Sing 2’s Meena has been cancelled on TikTok - and rightfully so

Meena the elephant, who is voiced by Tori Kelly, has become the subject of revile on TikTok as people rip on her spotlight-snatching ways

Meena Sing 2016 Tori Kelly

Sing is a heartwarming animated movie about finding your confidence, embracing who you are, and singing your heart out. That is, unless, you’re Meena the elephant — an insufferable egomaniac with an insatiable desire to steal the spotlight, even if it means crooning over her dying grandfather on his last birthday.

At least, that’s the narrative going round on TikTok right now, as users work tirelessly to expose the villainy of Meena hiding in plain sight in the musical movie’s first outing in 2016. It might have been five years, but like an elephant, the internet never forgets: and they’re determined for Meena to pay for her crimes. It seems like everyone has hopped on this trend of calling out Meena, as the TikTok tag “meena” quite literally has over half a billion views, while tags like “meenatheelephant” and “meenaslander” have wracked up over 40 million views combined.

The root of people’s unbridled disdain for the musical mammal chiefly comes from a scene in Sing where, as her family gather round the bed of her ailing grandfather to sing him Happy Birthday, Meena can’t help but steal the show by oversinging the simple song like she was in the knockout stages of The Voice.

It was distracting, it was selfish and worst of all, she didn’t even own up to it. In fact, she has the audacity to pretend to be shocked at her own abilities like she wasn’t popping every vein on her stupid elephant-y forehead to sound like Christina Aguilera possessed her body.

@userkqz2a6ny1e hate this elephant better die in sing 2😕🥺🤞🏻#fyp #meena #sing2 #sing #elephant #CloseYourRings #hate #meenatheelephant ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

This faux-shyness and completely contrived, attention-seeking move led to countless TikTokers calling her a “pick me.” According to Urban Dictionary, a “pick me” is someone “who constantly begs for attention and approval, and has to make EVERYTHING about themselves.”

It’s because of this “pick me” desperation that dozens of TikToks have gone viral demanding the cancellation of Meena, suggesting once and for all that “cancel culture” might actually be a force for good.

@foreverghosting Part 1 #fyp #meena #meenaslander #ihateher #meenahateclub #die ♬ Shes so extra and for what – Randy❤️

Other TikToks, wracking up millions of views each, show viewers microwaving stuffed plushies of Meena in outrage or highlighting other moments where she was being incredibly extra for no good reason, like screeching her lungs out to Hallelujah on top of a building and acting shocked Buster heard her, or when a tsunami hit the stage and she went and got herself stuck for no reason.

@hugeasmammoth.films SHE WAS DOING FAR TOO MUCH. #Meena #sing #Sing2 #ForYouPizza #GEICOGiveHappy ♬ original sound – Nirupam (2)

There’s even dedicated Meena hate accounts and Discord servers for netizens to share their disgust at the character and plot her downfall. The hate train has been driving so fast, it even reached other platforms like Twitter, proving that there is truly no respite from this diva from Hell.

@userkqz2a6ny1e 🤞🏻🤞🏻#HowDoYouHUGO #fyp #closeyourrings #meena #meenatheelephant #sad #sing #sing2 ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

In the comments of these TikToks, some users are puzzled by the level of Meena slander, suggesting people’s unbridled rage towards her is either completely random or hugely disproportionate for an animated film about singing animals. But in my opinion, this is clearly Meena making sockpuppet accounts to try and start a “Meena apologist” agenda.

Does she really deserve our sympathy, or is she pure evil bundled into a bunch of 3D-animated pixels? That remains to be seen, but we at Digital Fix advise you to keep one eye open when you’re sleeping.

If you want to see Meena continue her reign of terror, Sing 2 is available to watch in theatres from January 28 or via streaming services like Amazon Prime.