Simon Pegg teases new Edgar Wright collaboration

Simon Pegg has teased an upcoming collaboration with director Edgar Wright, saying they are looking to write together again

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg has been talking to about potentially working with his friend and frequent collaborator Edgar Wright in the future. Although they are well known for their association with one another, surprisingly, it has been almost a decade since the release of their last team up – The World’s End.

Both Wright and Pegg have been busy since then. As well as his roles in the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises, Pegg is a prolific voice actor for animated movies. He has also appeared in his friend Nick Frost’s TV series Truth Seekers. Wright directed crime thriller movie Baby Driver in 2017 and two projects that were released in 2021 – horror movie Last Night in Soho and documentary The Sparks Brothers.

“With Edgar and I, we have to just get our schedules in order so that we can write together again,” Pegg said. “We’re talking about stuff, there’s been ideas thrown around and we’re circling something. But obviously he’s really busy, I’m really busy. It’s not like the old days when we were just trying to get seen and we had all that time. Now things are a little more complicated.”

He concluded; “But there’s room in my heart for all that stuff and I obviously want to work with Edgar and Nick again because they’re my mates and it means we get to hang out more.”

Wright, Pegg and Frost famously worked together on cult sit-com Spaced before making the move into comedy films with The Cornetto Trilogy. Shaun of the Dead, which was maybe the world’s first zombie rom-com, came in 2004, followed by Hot Fuzz in 2007, which was a homage to buddy action movies such as Point Break. The World’s End was about a pub crawl that turns into an apocalyptic survival story.

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