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Willem Dafoe and Tobey Maguire set Guinness World Record in No Way Home

Willem Dafoe and Tobey Maguire are now the longest-serving Marvel actors in a single role, according to Guinness World Records

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man, Willem Dafoe in No Way Home

It seems Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken all sorts of records. Not only is it one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, Willem Dafoe and Tobey Maguire set a Guinness World Record with their foray into the MCU.

According to a post on the official Guinness World Records blog, Maguire and Dafoe have now had the longest careers as Marvel actors. With No Way Home coming out 19 years and 225 days after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in 2022, Maguire and Dafoe have technically held onto their roles as Peter Parker and Spider-Man villain Green Goblin longer than any other performer associated with a Marvel live-action adaptation. Yes, that’s more than both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, whose appearances in the X-Men movies span only 16 years and 232 days.

This is contentious because Dafoe and Maguire were done with Spider-Man for years, before the powers that be at Sony, Marvel Studios, and Disney decided to fiddle with the multiverse. Still, they’re playing the same characters, in a universe where their timelines have carried on, even if we weren’t there to see it.

Maguire wasn’t the only Peter Parker to return, either. Andrew Garfield stepped back into the suit and mask, joining Tom Holland for a complete celebration of big-screen wallcrawling. He also brought an antagonist, with Jamie Foxx’s Electro showing up.

Our Tom Percival enjoyed the thriller movie, calling it “a dream come true for Spider-Man fans” in his review. Fans have been calling for Garfield to get another Amazing Spider-Man film, to which the actor has said he’s open to the possibility.

Will it happen? Who knows – but there’s a lucrative record up for grabs if Garfield does get to continue. For more MCU shenanigans, check out our guide to Marvel Phase 4.