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Cuphead Netflix series trailer reveals February 2022 release date

The Cuphead Show arrives on Netflix in February 2022

The Cuphead Show on Netflix

Netflix has released the first trailer for its Cuphead animated series. Surprise! The TV series based on the hit platform game is coming to the streaming service on February 18, 2022.

In The Cuphead Show, brothers Cuphead and Mugman engage in a series of misadventures that look to be ripped straight out of StudioMDHR’s videogame. It all starts with Cuphead asking Mugman to visit Carnevil – a fairground that is clearly very safe with nothing to be worried about – then we cut to a montage of all the strange threats they face. There’s ghosts, and forests full of curious inhabitants, and Satan themselves shows up, all stylised to look just like their videogame counterparts.

Between the musical aspects, and sheer of number of settings teased, from strange, oversized bird’s nests to gothic mansions, it looks like a raucous old time. At the very least, watching the Netflix series should be a dam sight easier that playing the notoriously difficult source material. Who knows, though, maybe there’ll be some quick-time events to keep us on our toes.

You can watch the trailer in full below – several backdrops should look familiar if you’ve mastered the game.

YouTube Thumbnail

Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, directors of the game, created and executive produced the show. Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro voice Cuphead and Mugman, respectively, with Luke Millington-Drake, Wayne Brady, Grey Griffin, and Joe Hanna rounding out the cast.

This is but the latest in Netflix’s growing like of videogame-based productions. Last year’s Arcane was a massive hit, drawing on League of Legends, and you have The Witcher, and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. We’ll have to see where The Cuphead Show! lands quality wise, but the standards are high.