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The Boys season 3 premieres in June

Amazon Prime has released a First Look tease of The Boys Season 3, which confirms that it will premiere at the start of June

The Boys Season 3

Amazon Prime Video has released a First Look at The Boys Season 3 that confirms a June 3, 2022 premiere date for the third season of the ultra-violent superhero show.

The third season is hotly anticipated, with most of the main cast returning (the only one there is currently a big question mark over is Aya Cash’s Stormfront). And excitement is building over meeting new addition Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. It is currently unknown if Amazon will follow the same release strategy as previous seasons, with the first three episodes being launched at once, followed by weekly episodes.

We know that season 3 will look to the past, and superheroes of World War II and the Vietnam War, as well as remaining in the present with such episode titles as, um, Herogasm. While we don’t have a trailer yet, we do have some parody news videos that were released back in July. The first clip teases what may end up becoming some season 3 plot points including Homelander’s continued depression, supes being kicked out of the military, and Hughie going to work for the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.

Another news clip has Giancarlo Esposito’s Stan Edgar, CEO of Vought, giving a very corporate statement over allegations about compound V. Vought has now opened a Global Wellness Center, and Queen Maeve is opening LGBTQ support groups – more hints, maybe?

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Showrunner Eric Kripke is looking to the past with flashbacks to World War II and Vietnam and a big part of those flashbacks, in relation to the comics, is Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), the very first Vought superhero who was around in that era. He’s kind of like Vought’s answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Captain America.

The First Look released by Amazon shows a smiling Homelander, posing for cameras, until the smile finally cracks for a split second at the end.


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