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Book of Boba Fett may have teased fan favourite Star Wars character

The second episode of The Book of Boba Fett may have teased a fan favourite Star Wars character from the comics

The second episode of The Book of Boba Fett may have been a mixed bag, in terms of providing both promise and frustrations, but it also might have provided some hope for those wishing to see a favourite Star Wars character from the comics.

The new episode brought Black Krrsantan, the Wookie bounty hunter, into live-action for the first time. Introduced in Marvel’s ongoing Darth Vader comic in 2015, Krrsantan worked for Jabba the Hutt, as well as Vader. While working for Vader, he met the archeologist Doctor Aphra.

Aphra is the most popular new addition to the Star Wars canon since Marvel’s regained the rights to publish Star Wars comic books. Introduced in the ongoing Darth Vader series, Aphra is intelligent and proved to be a great foil to Vader while working for him.

Aphra’s relationship with Black Krrsantan extended beyond them both working with Vader. After Vader disposed of them, the two continued to work together, as Aphra proved popular enough to spin off into her own Doctor Aphra ongoing series from Marvel.

Given the extent of their relationship, many Doctor Aphra fans might feel that Black Krrsantan’s live-action debut means that it can’t be long before we see Aphra in the Mandalorian universe.

With Ahsoka Tano getting her own series, characters from both the comics and the animated Star Wars universe are starting to crop up in live action more and more.

And of course, fans of a galaxy far, far away are eagerly anticipating the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and you can find out everything we know so far about that show in our guide.

It’s never been more exciting to be a Star Wars fan!