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Simon Pegg would love to play Gary King again

Simon Pegg reveals that he would love to reprise his role of Gary King from the 2013 comedy movie The World's End

Simon Pegg would love to play Gary King again

Simon Pegg has played many iconic characters in his and Edgar Wright’s movies. From a survivor in the zombie movie Shaun of the Dead to a hardened cop in Hot Fuzz, Pegg has done it all. But out of all the roles he has starred in while working with filmmaker Wright, there is one he wants to revisit most of all – Gary King from the 2013 comedy movie The World’s End.

The World’s End is the third and final instalment in Wright and Pegg’s British anthology series – known as the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy – following Hot Fuzz (2007) and Shaun of the Dead (2004). The film is centred around five friends who embark on an epic pub crawl only to stumble upon an alien invasion in their hometown. Currently, the film has an impressive 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and holds a special place in many cinephiles’s hearts.

During an interview with Slashfilm, while promoting the upcoming animated movie The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Pegg reflected back on his career. While both he and Wright aren’t too keen on sequels, the star did reveal that if hypothetically one were made, he’d like to reprise his role as Gary King, the 40-year-old alcoholic protagonist in the science fiction movie The World’s End.

“I’d love to play Gary King again from The World’s End because I really, really loved playing that character. And Edgar and I tend not to dwell on the past,” the actor said. “We don’t sort of do sequels to our movies because we just always want to just keep things moving, do different things.

“And people always ask us about sequels, and we always say no,” Pegg continued. “And I think that will always be the case, but in an imaginary kind of scenario where we did do a sequel, I would definitely do a kind of post-apocalyptic World’s End sequel with Gary off in the wilderness with his blank friends fighting.”

Unfortunately, as Pegg mentioned above, it is unlikely that fans will get to see a World’s End sequel anytime soon. However, the actor’s openness to talk about the past may hint that he and Wright will reunite in the future – I mean, we can still hope, right?

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