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Blumhouse’s Firestarter rated R for violent content

Blumhouse's upcoming remake of Stephen King's Firestarter officially earns an R-rating for violence

Blumhouse's Firestarter rated R for violent content

Blumhouse’s upcoming remake of Stephen King’s Firestarter won’t be shying away from the heat. Filmratings.com has confirmed that the horror movie has earned an R-rating for “violent content”. While that description is pretty vague, with no hint as to the nature of said “violence”, it suggests that gore fans are in for a treat and that the new film won’t be holding back, much like its ’80s predecessor, on any punches.

A remake of the 1984 film of the same name, which saw Drew Barrymore as a young pyrokinetic child, the upcoming thriller movie is set to feature plenty of destruction and fiery mayhem. Directed by Keith Thomas, with a script penned by Halloween Kills writer Scott Teems, the new Firestarter officially wrapped filming in July 2021.

Updates and any word of a potential release date for the production have been kept close to Blumhouse’s chest until now. However, this new R-rating is a massive step in the flick’s progress and hints that fans may get to see the film soon, since its final cut has been sent out for evaluation.

Firestarter tells the story of a young girl named Charlie McGee who, thanks to her parent’s drug trial college days, can control fire and burn anyone that gets in her way. Her destructive power catches the government’s attention, and soon confrontation ensues.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong plays the role of Charlie McGee in the upcoming remake, while Zac Efron and Sydney Lemmon will be acting as the flammable girl’s parents. Despite the new R-rating, no release date for Firestarter has been confirmed – although a 2022 theatrical debut is expected. We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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