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How to watch Moonfall - can I stream the new Halle Berry movie?

The new disaster movie Moonfall sees Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson fighting the moon - how can you watch Roland Emmerich's new movie?

Moonfall: How to watch the new Halle Berry movie

How can you watch Moonfall? The legendary disaster movie director, Roland Emmerich, returns to our screens this year with his ludicrous tale of lunar catastrophe. His latest movie, Moonfall, stars Halle Berry, and horror movie icon Patrick Wilson, as they head into space to fight the moon. Yes, you did read that correctly.

January may have been a slow start to the cinematic calendar of 2022, but February sees a slew of exciting offerings heading to the big screen. And, right at the top of that pile, has to be this epic action movie, with Moonfall looking like the perfect blockbuster to spark some life into the theatrical schedule.

Back in December, we were treated to an exclusive look at the upcoming science fiction movie, with the opening five minutes being released, and it’s safe to say we cannot wait to see what this crazy concept has to offer. If Emmerich has his own way, this could be the first of a Moonfall trilogy, so you won’t want to miss this!

where can i watch moonfall?

Moonfall is set for theatrical release here in the UK on February 3, 2022, with some preview screenings taking place in selected theatres on February 2, 2022. The thriller movie is also released in the US on February 3, 2022.

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can i stream moonfall?

Unfortunately, Moonfall is having an exclusively theatrical release, so you will only be able to see it in cinemas for now. But, with a movie of this proportion, surely a big screen is the only way to witness the war with the moon.

There is currently no news as to any plans for a release on streaming services, with no digital release announced so far. We will keep you updated as soon as any news drops, so you can catch Moonfall on Netflix, Amazon Prime or whichever service it ends up on.