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Batgirl movie set photos tease Court of Owls, Batman V Superman connection

Photos taken of the set of HBO Max's Batgirl movie reveal surprising connections to Batman and DC lore including the Court of Owls

Photographs taken on the set of HBO Max’s Batgirl film have revealed connections to several different aspects of Batman and DC lore, including Vicki Vale, the Court of Owls, Black Canary and the Capitol Building bombing that happens in Batman v Superman.

This could mean that a surprising range of Batman films and comics are considered canon in the Batgirl movie, which will star Leslie Grace. We already know that Michael Keaton’s Batman is set to appear, as is JK Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon.

The set photos are of magazine covers with names like Gotham Life and Gotham Tattler. Vicki Vale, a photojournalist who was played by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie would tie in with the appearance of Keaton. A Gotham Life cover appears to be a tribute to her, as it bares the headline; “Vicki Vale – A Life Behind the Lens.”

A Gotham Tattler cover reveals a surprising acknowledgment of the mysterious Court of Owls. The headline reads; “The shadowy truth behind the Court of Owls – We Expose the Secret Society.” A banner above it reads; “Owls Tried to Recruit Me – Says Former Circus Child Star.”

A half-obscured magazine appears to have Black Canary on the cover – a character played by Jurnee Smollett in Birds of Prey, who is getting her own spin-off movie, it is believed. We don’t yet know if she will appear in Batgirl.

Another Gotham Tattler cover acknowledges Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor and his Granny’s Peach Tea in Batman v Superman. At the top, banners read; “The Rise of LexCorp Industries, As One of the World’s Largest Multinational Conglomerates” and “Witness Testimonies from the Capitol Building.” The main headline reads; “Billionaire Villain Lex Luthor Hires New Lawyer to Appeal Sentence – We Get His Story from inside Arkham Asylum.”

A twitter account called Batgirl Film News @BatgirlFilm is collecting photographs taken by various Glasgow residents (not all the same person) of the set and props, and they are the source for these photos.

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