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Thor 4 - who plays Love?

Love is the daughter of Gorr in the new Marvel movie Thor 4, but who plays her, and what is their connection to Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale.

Who is Love in Thor 4? The new Marvel movie from Taika Waititi brings back Chris Hemsworth as the God for Thunder to stop another universe-level threat. This time, he’s up against Gorr, a man who wants to murder all gods – eep!

Gorr isn’t just driven by an insatiable need for violence, he’s propelled by a tragic backstory, the death of his daughter, Love. They appear to be suffering from the after-effects of a famine that’s wiped out their planet, and when Gorr is left alone, he grows weary of being tested by deities, deciding to enact some vengeance. The Odinson finds himself on that path.

Who is Love, though? Well, she’s more relevant to the action movie than you’d think, with connections that make for a nice meta-reference to the filmmakers behind it. Not only that, her name becomes even more relevant when you learn who she is. Thor: Love and Thunder Easter eggs come hard and fast, and Love is one that you’ll want to understand more. Thankfully, we have the answer, so you’re not left praying for more wisdom.

Who is Love in Thor 4?

Love is the daughter of villain Gorr. At the start of the film, we see them starving and dehydrated, in the barren wasteland that is their world. Despite Gorr’s endless prayers, she passes away from malnutrition, leaving him scorned, and broken.

Though her death destroys Gorr, she’s not the entire impetus for Love and Thunder. Her father remains diligent in his servitude to their deity, but when he receives only ridicule, he takes up the Necrosword and decides to kill all gods.

Really, he’s using anger as a front for the profound grief of losing his child. In the Thor: Love and Thunder ending, when Gorr has successfully gotten to Eternity to make a wish, Thor convinces him to bring back Love rather than kill all gods.

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It’s a last-ditch effort that works, and Gorrr realises what he wanted all along was to give Love another chance. He dies in her arms and gets the Odinson to promise to take care of her. We then move to Thor and Love living together in New Asgard, as the superhero team Love and Thunder.

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Who plays Love in Thor 4?

Here’s the cute part: Love is played by Chris Hemsworth’s real-life daughter, India Hemsworth. The chemistry they have at the end, with her arguing about putting on proper boots for going out to save the day is genuine because, well, that’s probably their morning ritual when the family’s all home.

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She’s not the only famous child to appear, either. Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Taika Waititi’s kids all get a little camera-time as well. None, it should be noted, as much as India Hemsworth.

Sometimes it pays to be the granddaughter of Odin, or at least be related to the guy who plays the son of Odin.