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The best Buzz Lightyear toys

If Lightyear has rekindled your love for the famous space ranger, we've got a selection of eight of the best Buzz Lightyear toys to add to your collection

The advent of Lightyear, no doubt, has got many fans looking for the best Buzz Lightyear toys. Whether the new film has prompted you to start up your own Buzz Lightyear collection, or there’s somebody in your life who would really appreciate getting their hands on their own little Buzz, we’ve picked out eight choices which we think are particularly cool.

Of course, your opinion on the best Buzz Lightyear toys will no doubt be swayed by which portrayal of the character you prefer, be that Tim Allen, Chris Evans, or, yes, even Patrick Warburton, and we’ve tried to find a selection of toys which cover every incarnation of the famous space ranger- although, to be fair, there aren’t exactly a lot of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command toys around these days.

Either way, with a selection of toys that encompass cool action figures, Funko Pops, LEGO, and much more, we’re sure that anybody who’s taken a fancy to old Buzz will find something that they like in this article, and maybe even an item that they’ll treasure for years.

The best Buzz Lightyear toys are:

  • Buzz Lightyear Funko Pops
  • LEGO Lightyear: XL-15 set
  • Original Buzz Lightyear action figure
  • Modern Buzz Lightyear action figure
  • Buzz Lightyear plush
  • Toy Story 4 Minis 5-Pack
  • Buzz Lightyear and ship set
  • Mr. Potatohead Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear Funko Pops

All the major Disney characters have Funko Pop vinyl figures based on them, especially those who are as popular as Buzz Lightyear. As with many other characters who have received the Funko treatment, there are several different Buzz Lightyear figures in this range, but we’ve picked out two here – one in his Toy Story design, and one in his Lightyear design.

LEGO Lightyear XL-15 Spaceship Set

LEGO is cool – ideal for decorating shelves, desks, or wherever else you might want to put it. A new LEGO Lightyear range has been launched to coincide with the new movie and there are lots of cool sets that are worth a look. We thought the XL-15 Spaceship set was one that might have the biggest appeal. Who wouldn’t want to have a LEGO version of Buzz and his ship in their bedroom? It comes with his robot cat, Sox, too, and two other mini-figures.

Original Buzz Lightyear Figure

If you love Buzz’s original design, and want a figure of him in your bedroom that looks just like the one that Andy had in his bedroom, then we recommend this awesome action figure. Standing at 12 inches tall, he’s pretty much the same size as the original Buzz too, making him an ideal addition to any Toy Story collection.

Modern Buzz Lightyear Figure

However, if you’re more of a Lightyear fan than a Toy Story fan, then you might want to take a look at this action figure that’s based on Chris Evans’ portrayal of the character. Like the Toy Story figure mentioned above, he stands at 12 inches tall, and this one even comes with a selection of accessories, giving you more options when it comes to how you choose to display him. This exact figure isn’t available in the UK, so we’ve linked to a slightly different one below.

Buzz Lightyear plush

Got a growing collection of soft plushies? Prefer the cutesy look over the more movie-accurate designs you typically get from plastic action figures? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that you can get Buzz Lightyear plushies. We’re sure that quite a few varieties have been produced over the years, but we reckon that this is the best one you’ll find on the market at the moment. As with the above, this one isn’t available in the UK, so we’ve linked another one below.

Toy Story 4 Minis 5-Pack

While this one is more of a general Toy Story product, rather than something that is specifically based on Buzz Lightyear himself, it does include a little Buzz too, so we decided to include it anyway. We like the style in which Buzz, Woody, Jesse, Forky, and Trixie have been rendered, and since they’re so little, it makes it easy for them to be displayed in all kinds of different places.

Buzz Lightyear and ship set

Did you look at the LEGO set above and long for a non-LEGO version? Well, that’s what you get in this set. A miniature Buzz Lightyear figure, along with a model of the XL-15 ship – no building required. It looks fantastic and is sure to encourage all kinds of imaginative games and stories in the minds of any child who gets their hands on it.

Mr. Potato Head Buzz Lightyear

Considering Mr. Potato Head and Buzz Lightyear appear alongside each other in the Toy Story movies, it’s not at all surprising that there would be a Buzz Lightyear-themed Mr. Potato Head set. Over the years, this little ball of starch has dressed up as a long list of iconic characters, and he looks great in the space ranger uniform. Can you name any other man who has such a diverse taste in fashion?

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