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Keanu Reeves loves Batman, but isn’t so keen on Superman

Keanue Reeves has revealed that despite loving Batman and being a long-time DC comics reader, he isn't the biggest fan of a certain Kryptonian

Keanu Reeves loves Batman, but isn't so keen on Superman

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to the world of comic books. In 2005, the actor starred in the DC horror movie Constantine, and in recent years, he has reportedly been cast in a secret role for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, with his experience with the superhero genre, and passion for graphic stories, Reeves has revealed his personal takes on some of the DCEU‘s most beloved characters.

Speaking with AP Entertainment during an event to promote the upcoming animated movie DC League of Super-Pets, Reeves revealed that when it comes to his top picks for members of the Justice League, Batman is the winner. On the other hand, the Man of Steel, and our favourite Kryptonian – Superman – isn’t really his thing at all.

“Yeah, I mean, I really love Batman,” Reeves explained. “As a kid, I loved comic books. I was reading Batman: The Dark Knight, Spider-Man. I didn’t really follow Superman much.” Luckily for Reeves, he starred as Bruce Wayne instead of Clark Kent in the family movie, DC League of Super-Pets.

In the upcoming kids movie, the actor voices Gotham’s caped crusader, officially adding him to the iconic roster of Batman actors alongside the likes of Michael Keaton and, most recently, Robert Pattinson.

Reeves revealed that the role of Bruce Wayne was a part that he had always hoped to add to his filmography. “There have been so many incarnations of the character, and it’s a character I always wanted to play,” he said. “So I guess I was just accessing my own internal Batman.”

Fans can hear Reeves take on Batman for themselves come July 29, 2022, when DC League of Super-Pets officially hits theatres. In the meantime, here is our list of all the Marvel movies ranked from worst to best.