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Ben Affleck will return as Batman for Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa announced that Ben Affleck would be reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in an Instagram post after the two were "busted" by tourists.

Ben Affleck says Matt Damon was the "principal influence" on his decision to quit Batman

Batfleck is back, baby! The Batman actor‘s future in the DCEU seemed dead in the water after he publicly hung up his cape in 2019.  The Batman was meant to be Ben Affleck‘s first solo movie as the Caped Crusader, but after shooting the disastrous Justice League movie, during which Affleck said some “really shitty, awful things” happened, the solo Batfleck flick never materialised, with Robert Pattinson instead stepping into the role as a younger Bruce Wayne in a re-imagined detective movie.

The problem is, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne isn’t part of the DCEU, leaving an Affleck-shaped hole in various projects from that universe. However, despite his rocky experience with the role, he seemed open to dipping his toes back into the DCEU, with an appearance in The Flash movie confirmed in 2020 and it later being revealed that he filmed additional footage for the Snyder cut of Justice League.

But now, as well as tying up loose ends with previous action movies, Affleck now seems committed to revisiting the character entirely after it was announced that he was set to reprise his role opposite Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in the upcoming Aquaman 2.

Momoa himself ended up announcing the news of Affleck’s return on Instagram after he and Affleck were “busted” by tourists at Warner Bros Studios.

“REUNITED Bruce and Arthur,” Momoa wrote in a caption accompanying photos of him and Affleck. “Love you and miss you Ben. WB studio tours just explored the backlot alright. Busted on set! All great things coming [in] AQUAMAN 2.” The extent of Affleck’s role in Aquaman 2, and what this means for his future in the DCEU is unclear, but it certainly makes us more hyped about the upcoming fantasy movie!

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait much longer to see more Batfleck. Aquaman 2 is set to be released on March 23, 2023. In meantime, why not brush up on your Batman knowledge by watching all the Batman movies in order?