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Harry Potter star claims Arnold Schwarzenegger farted in her face

Harry Potter actor Miriam Margolyes has shared a story about how Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly kept farting on her face back in the '90s

Harry Potter star claims Arnold Schwarzenegger farted in her face

Miriam Margolyes, who many may recognise as the Harry Potter character Professor Pomona Sprout, has an impressive acting career, holding 188 credits to her name. However, her time in Hollywood hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows. In fact, thanks to her co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger on the set of the action movie, End of Days, sometimes it allegedly downright stinks – literally.

In an interview on the I’ve Got News For You Podcast, Margolyes recalled working on the 1999 horror movie End of Days, directed by Peter Hyams. While reliving her experience, the star shared what it was like working with the “rude” leading man himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to Margolyes, Schwarzenegger allegedly farted on her face in between filming takes, and she still hasn’t forgiven him for it to this day.

“He farted in my face. Now, I fart, of course, I do – but I don’t fart in people’s faces,” Margolyes explained. “He did it deliberately, right in my face.” The Harry Potter star then went on to contextualise the supposed incident, and why she still holds a grudge.

In the film End of Days, Schwarzenegger plays the role of a detective who soon faces the forces of evil while protecting a woman who has been chosen to conceive the Anti-Christ by Satan.

Unlike her part in the Harry Potter movies, Margolyes, plays the villain Mabel – the devil’s sister – in the ‘90s movie. The gas attack was said to have occurred during one of the two characters’ altercations in the flick.

“I was playing Satan’s sister, and he was killing me, so he had me in a position where I couldn’t escape and lying on the floor,” the actor continued. “And he just farted. It wasn’t on film, it was in one of the pauses, but I haven’t forgiven him for it.”

Schwarzenegger has yet to comment on Margolyes’s claims. We will keep you posted as any updates come in.