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Metallica welcomes Stranger Things fans to the family

MEtallica has welcomed all the new fans from Stranger Things to the fold, since the hit 'Master of Puppets' was featured in the Netflix series

Eddie Munson in Stranger Things playing Metallica

As far as Netflix series with great soundtracks go, Stranger Things has proven to be toward the top of the pile. Kate Bush, Iron Maiden, and the legendary Metallica featured in the TV series, inspiring a wave of new fans for each.

Metallica has now posted about all the newcomers to the fanbase, welcoming them to the growing global community. “Everyone is welcome in the Metallica family. Whether you’ve been a fan for 40 hours or 40 years, we all share a bond through music,” the band stated on TikTok, adding: “All of you started at ground zero at one point in time.”

Naturally, the comments accompany a clip of the metal legends storming through ‘Master of Puppets’ live at a recent show. In Stranger Things season 4, new character Eddie Munson has a crack at the Metallica staple during the final battle against Vecna. He distracts the Stranger Things monster by laying down some of that sweet, sweet James Hetfield riffage. We won’t say whether or not it works, but it makes for a great scene.

Iron Maiden recently acknowledged its own reference, where Eddie calls their ’80s album Piece of Mind “real music”. A fitting comment for the rifftacular LP.

Kate Buch came out the best, mind. Her single ‘Running Up That Hill’ sat atop charts in the US and UK for a full month since season 4 premiered. That’s a 38 year-old song outdoing every modern pop artist. Just goes to show you the power of a good needle-drop in a great sci-fi series!

You can watch all of Stranger Things now on Netflix. Check out our guide on Stranger Things season 5 for the future of Hawkins.