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The Boys spin-off is now called Gen V

The Boys spin-off about teenaged superheroes experiencing life at a Vought-run college has been given a title, and it's Gen V, announcement video reveals

The Boys

The Boys official Twitter account has released a video featuring the cast of the upcoming spin-off about supes attending a college, which of course is run by Vought. In the video, they reveal that the show will now be called Gen V, a reference to Compound V – the super serum in The Boys universe.

The video features the following cast-members [deep breath]; Jaz Sinclair, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Lizzie Broadway, Chance Perdomo, London Thor, Asa Germann, Maddie Phillips, and Derek Luh. Sinclair says; “I’m so excited to be a part of this show, and I’m so excited for you guys to watch it.” Germann says; “it’s got everything The Boys has – the intensity, the grit, the humour.”

Broadway says; “it’s gonna be a rollercoaster – it’s gonna be filled with blood, guts and everything else.” Perdomo says; “it’s fucked up – you’re gonna like it.” Phillips says; “it has lots of hormones, and drama and mystery.” Thor says; “Superheroes. College. What could go wrong?” And Patrick Schwarzenegger informs us that it will “rock our socks off.” Gen V is currently in production.

Schwarzenegger recently revealed that his famous father doesn’t understand The Boys; “He looked at me and he was like, ‘What the fuck are you filming?’” Patrick explained. “I was like, ‘It’s this show called The Boys. You have to watch an episode to understand it, or else I can’t articulate what happens in it.”

You can watch the announcement video below;

Season three of The Boys has just reached its conclusion, and audiences were divided on the finale. The season as a whole has been praised for its audacious scenes, however, not least in Herogasm.

While we wait for more information on Gen V, check out our guide to the cast of The Boys.