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Aldis Hodge nearly lost Black Adam role after swearing at The Rock

Aldis Hodge joked he very nearly lost out on playing Hawkman in Black Adam after accidentally swearing at Dwayne Johnson when he ran to offer him the role

Aldis Hodge tole Rock to eff off

Aldis Hodge is set to play Hawkman in the upcoming DCEU movie Black Adam. Hodge has been very upfront about being a comic fan, and he’s described the role as a dream come true. But he’s joked that he very nearly lost out on playing Hawkman after accidentally telling Dwayne Johnson to “f*ck off”.

Hodge revealed his awkward gaffe while speaking at San Diego Comic-Con during the Black Adam panel. “DJ called me to let me know that have a job,” he said [via Slash Film]. “I did not believe it was him, so I almost hung up.”Johnson then stepped in and said his co-star went a little further than not believing him. In fact, he got downright rude with The Rock.

“He told me to f*ck off,” Johnson laughed. “True story.” “When I realized it was him, I thought he was calling me to tell me that I didn’t get the job,” Hodge then added. “I was like, ‘ah, I know what this is.’ I thought he would tell me, ‘I saw your tape; it was great, but, man, you know, next time.'”

Thankfully, though, Johnson was calling with better news, and the rest is history. “But, no. He said, ‘welcome to Black Adam,'” Hodge recalled. “My brain exploded, so brother, that was one of the best moments in my entire career.”

Awkward encounters with the boss aside, Hodge is clearly a huge fan of the character and wants to deliver for fans of Hawkman. “I am a fan; I grew up on this,” he said during the panel. “I take it as a humble responsibility, as an amazing gift.”

Black Adam hits theatres on October 21.