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Is Matt Damon in Thor 4?

Taika Waititi's new Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder might contain an appearance from Matt Damon, who previously played Fake Loki

Matt Damon in Thor: Ragnarok

Does Matt Damon appear in Thor 4? The new Marvel movie from Taika Waititi brings back Chris Hemsworth for another rollicking misadventure, with Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman in tow.

Besides the A-list cast of Thor characters, there are a few Love and Thunder cameos. As was evident in Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi loves using irreverent satire to poke at the absurdity of the MCU, and really, he’s not wrong. This is all very silly and overblown, but that’s what makes these adventure movies fun. If some other Hollywood icons can get in on the party too, all the better.

Matt Damon will be one many fans will be keeping an eye out for. He made a quick appearance as Fake Loki in Ragnarok. Is Matt Damon in Thor: Love and Thunder? Be a shame if he wasn’t, right? The opportunity for a recurring joke is too great, and if Waititi enjoys anything, it’s coming back to a punchline over and over from slightly different angles. Rest assured, if you’d like to know, or if you’ve seen Love and Thunder and just want to make sure, we’ve got you covered.

Is Matt Damon in Thor 4?

Yes, Matt Damon returns to the MCU for Thor 4. He reprises his role as Fake Loki, an Asgardian actor who stars in plays based on the Odinson’s adventures. He made a brief cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, as a theatre troupe hired by Loki performing a scene from The Dark World.

In Love and Thunder, they’re re-enacting a key scene from Ragnarok, where Odin dies and Hela shows up. Their audience now is less Asgardian and more tourists, as New Asgard has become a hotspot for tourists who want to know more about Avengers and Viking mythology.

It’s played up for laughs all the same, and Damon is as committed to being Loki as he was previously. He’s joined by Luke Hemsworth as Fake Thor, Sam Neill as Fake Odin, and Melissa McCarthy as Fake Hela – a talented cast!

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He’s spotted later, in plain clothes, after Gorr attacks New Asgard. He and the Fake Thor actor pleading to be allowed to make a play of what just happened right away.

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As he says, the people need entertainment. With Matt Damon in Love and Thunder, there’s plenty of that to be had. For more on the Odinson, check out our guides to every song in Thor: Love and Thunder and Thor 5.