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In the Dark season 4 release date, plot details, cast, and more

Find out everything we know about the In the Dark season 4 release date, plot, trailer and more as we look into when the CW show will return

In the Dark season 4:

When is the In the Dark season 4 release date? In the Dark threw a whole new perspective on crime-solving drama series when it debuted on the CW in 2019.  In season one, viewers saw Murphy Mason stumble across the lifeless body of her friend, Tyson. The body then mysteriously disappeared, leaving Murphy as the only person willing to pursue the truth. But, that was just the beginning.

With each successive year, a new season has followed, and over the last three series, Murphy has evolved as a character, learning new ways to cope that don’t require self-destructive behaviours. And with a writing room that mirrors in part the show’s lead – as well as blind consultant, Laurie Bernstein, who helps train Perry Mattfeld for her role as Murphy – there is a team of passionate people driving In the Dark season 4.

We’ve watched as Murphy gets involved in money laundering, blackmail, and a lot of questionable life decisions and we’re sure there’s more to come. So, here’s everything we know so far about the In the Dark season 4 release date.

When is the In The Dark season 4 release date?

The CW has announced that In the Dark season 4 will debut as part of the channel’s summer premiere schedule on June 6.

The show’s star, Perry Mattfeld, took to Instagram on March 22 to express how she’s also waiting for the new episodes to arrive, “Waiting for season 4 to drop like…”.

In the Dark season 4: Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld)

What’s the In The Dark season 4 plot?

There’s not much known about In the Dark season 4’s plot. The third season revolved around Murphy’s hunt to find her friend Jess who has gone missing and the truth about her disappearance will take focus in season 4.

In her search for answers, Murphy does some questionable things that lead her into some pretty dodgy situations, like squaring up to an unsavoury drug dealer. As the season was drawn out, (spoiler alert), Jess was found alive and well and working a low-key job in a pet shop.

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It quickly turns out, though, that Jess’s intention was to not be found and that she’d chosen to fake her own death to avoid the police from continuing to look for her after she killed Nia Bailey in self-defence. After a lot of commotion and the police finding Jess and Murphy’s location, Jess escapes, but Murphy finds herself arrested and in prison.

Season 4 will no doubt pick up where season 3 left off. And, much like the previous three seasons, we’re expecting 13 episodes worth of In the Dark drama.

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In an interview with EW, Perry Mattfeld, aka Murphy Mason, spoke about how she feels playing the role of a blind woman navigating a criminal underworld, “I love that she’s evolving, and we see that when she’s vulnerable and struggling, she resorts back to these defence mechanisms.” For season 4, we’re expecting more of the same.

In the Dark season 4: Pretzel the Dog

Who’s in the In the Dark season 4 cast?

All of the main cast are expected to return for In the Dark season 4. We do know at the end of season 3, Jess (Brooke Markham) escaped, and Murphy (Perry Mattfeld) got arrested. Murphy also got a visit from Max (Casey Deidrick) and Felix (Morgan Krantz), which means these characters will all be back in season 4.

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And let’s not forget the return of Pretzel, played by golden retriever Levi, as Murphy’s fateful and friendly guide dog.

If you’re looking to bridge that gap whilst waiting for In the Dark season 4, we’ve got the best Netflix series and the best TV series to take a look at. And be sure to check back as we keep the page updated with any news on In the Dark.

In the Dark season 4 release date

Will there be an In The Dark season 5?

We’re afraid not. Deadline reports that season 4 will be the last so this is your last chance to see Murphy on the case.

That’s all we know about In The Dark season 4. If you want more detective based series, why not check out our guide to the Perry Mason season 2 release date.