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Logan is now streaming on Disney Plus

One of the best Marvel movies ever made, Logan starring Hugh Jackman, is now streaming on Disney Plus in the US for all subscribers

Hugh Jackman in Logan

One of the best Marvel movies ever made is now available to stream on Disney Plus. Logan, the dark Western that served as Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine, has been added to the service in the US, and you can watch it right now.

Set in 2029, Logan’s a dour end for the X-Men movies. Many of the other mutants have been killed, and Logan himself is now caring for Charles Xavier, who’s begun to suffer from dementia. Not only are the rest of the team deceased, but mutated people stopped being born nearly three decades prior.

He’s just trying to get by, when an escort mission becomes life or death as he protect young mutant Laura from being kidnapped by reavers. Logan was directed by James Mangold, and upon realse and in the years since, it’s enjoyed an exceedingly positive reception, commonly regarded as one of the best movies of the decade in general, never mind one of the better comic book adaptations we’ve yet seen. A strong, if sad, conclusion to 20th Century’s X-franchise.

Now, if you’re sick of people telling you Logan’s great and want to knock it off the list, or just fancy giving it another look, you can do so on Disney Plus. It’s part of your standard subscription and available now.

Logan joins the Deadpool movies, as all three were put on the service together. They’re the first R-rated features on the US version of Disney Plus, and quite a fine way to cross the barrier as all are quality action movies. That said, as Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds mentioned on Twitter, lot of classic Disney movies are already firmly in adult territory.

Head over to Disney Plus to weigh up Logan and Bambi on the scale of traumatic experiences. Our money’s on Bambi, if we’re being honest.