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Uncharted reportedly becoming a movie franchise

Despite its criticisms, the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg made some money at the box-office, and Sony wants more

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted

By and large, it doesn’t really matter what critics and audiences actually think of a movie once they’ve seen it, because the golden rule of Hollywood is ‘money talks’. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Uncharted, an adventure movie that, despite poor reviews, looks set to embark on a whole franchise thanks to decent box-office returns.

Uncharted is a blockbuster action movie based on the popular video games of the same name, and it stars MCU actor Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. The movie was critically panned, and didn’t fare well with audience reactions upon its release. But, it made over $400 million at the box-office, meaning Sony was pretty happy in the end.

The Uncharted ending certainly left the door wide open for further instalments of the story, and it seems that opportunity will be taken by Sony, who sees Uncharted as a franchise now. According to a report from The Ankler, there are no official plans for a sequel as it stands, but Uncharted is described as a franchise.

“Yes, Uncharted is a franchise now,” reads the report. “Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a sequel, but the film did pretty respectable pandemic business, taking in $400 million worldwide, and Holland has discussed the likelihood of a sequel in past interviews.”

“Seeing as how Uncharted is currently the third-highest-grossing video game adaptation domestically, and the fourth-highest-grossing worldwide, you can safely assume another Nathan Drake adventure is in the works,” the report continued. “Ultimately, it’s [Tom] Rothman’s call, but in his President’s Day memo to colleagues, he seemed excited about another instalment.”

Tom Rothman is the CEO of Sony Pictures, so if he wants an Uncharted sequel, we’re going to get one, whether we like it or not. It remains to be seen whether Spider-Man actor Tom Holland will sign on to more chapters of the Uncharted story, but it is likely one would think.