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Star Wars: Andor gives Diego Luna “much more to say” than Rogue One

Diego Luna will lead his own Star Wars series with Andor, and the actor will have much more to say this time around as opposed to Rogue One

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Star Wars: Rogue One

Diego Luna would have been forgiven for thinking his time in the world of Star Wars was over after his appearance as Cassian Andor in the Star Wars movie Rogue One, but he will soon be leading his own TV series on the streaming service Disney Plus. This time around, the actor says his character will have lots more to do and say.

After pretty much every character died at the end of the spin-off science fiction movie back in 2016, including Luna’s Andor, the fact that this particular Star Wars character will return came as a surprise to many, including the actor himself. The two-season Star Wars series Andor will premiere in August 2022 and show audiences how its titular character found his way into the rebellion cause.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Luna spoke of the pleasant surprise that came with the call from Disney to discuss the possibility of reprising his role, and the actor says he relished the opportunity to offer more depth to his character by returning to the Star Wars timeline.

“Behind everyone that has brought change, there’s a story, there’s a reason,” said Luna. “And I just love that now we have 12 episodes to tell you that story,” the actor added.

“I was ready to move on. And then I was invited to [return], and it made complete sense,” Luna continued. “I had so much more to say and do with this role. I just wanted to explore many things that I thought about while I was shooting that a film would never allow you to explore,” he explained.

Despite the sci-fi series carrying Andor’s name, Luna insists the show is far bigger than just one character. “It’s about a group of people. It’s about community. You’ll have the chance to meet many characters you don’t know and visit places you don’t know existed in this galaxy.”

The Andor release date is set for the end of August 2022.