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Ms Marvel ending and post-credit scene explained

The final episode of the Ms Marvel MCU series has arrived and it offers up lots of exciting developments for the future of the MCU timeline

Ms Marvel ending explained: Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel

What happens in the Ms Marvel ending? It feels like the latest small screen instalment of the MCU has only just arrived, but it is now over, as the Ms Marvel TV series comes to an end with its sixth and final episode on the streaming service Disney Plus. The MCU series has introduced us to a new hero in Kamala Khan, and the Ms Marvel finale has offered up some exciting developments for the future of the MCU timeline.

There’s a lot to unpack from the final chapter of this adventure with our new MCU character; with the Department of Damage Control hot on the tails of Kamala and her friends, the threat of the Noor dimension, and of course, Kamala’s own journey of self-discovery in learning to harness her superpowers.

If you haven’t watched the Ms Marvel ending yet, it would be wise to stop reading now otherwise you will see spoilers for the episode. But, if you’ve finished watching the sci-fi series, we’ve got all the answers you need to make sense of the latest instalment of Marvel’s Phase 4.

What happens in the Ms Marvel ending?

The key focus of the Ms Marvel ending is the culmination of the Department of Damage Control (DoDC) pursuing Kamala, as an epic battle ensues between the agents and our superhero.

After the previous episode, Kamala returned from her trip to Pakistan, and she now feels comfortable telling her whole family that she is a superhero. They are more than happy to accept this, and her mother even makes her a pretty cool costume.

But, this is no time to play happy families, as the Department of Damage Control (DoDC) are hunting Kamala and Kamran, after the latter also became imbued with superhuman powers. So, Kamala rallies her troops, including her brother and former nemesis Zoe, and they all head to the school to lay low.

Unfortunately, the DoDC find them, so the gang hatch a plan to distract the feds while facilitating an escape for Kamran. The plan involves fire extinguishers, softballs, and a mass of goo Kamala and Bruno create in the science lab, and it’s a pretty fun sequence.

It’s all going fairly smoothly, that is until Kamran learns that his mother died, and he starts to get a little bit angry. He heads outside the school to confront the DoDC, as a huge crowd watches on, including Kamala’s family. Unable to control his powers properly, Kamran causes a fair bit of damage.

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Kamala comes to the rescue though, protecting the crowd of spectators, while shielding Kamran from the DoDC and helping him to come to his senses. We see Kamala utilise her trademark “embiggen” power, and her abilities reach new highs, as everything wraps up pretty nicely for Jersey’s newest superhero.

How does Kamala Khan get her superhero name?

No superhero is complete without a cool alter-ego, right? Well, Kamala is understandably reluctant to use the name “Nightlight” that many others had been referring to her as, but luckily her dad has a cute story about the origins of her name that can inspire her new alias.

Ms Marvel ending explained: Kamran in Ms Marvel

Sitting on the roof of their house, Kamala and her father have a little heart-to-heart, and Yusuf explains to her that she was something of a miracle when her mother was struggling to conceive a second child. Thus, they named her Kamala, which means perfect, or more appropriately, a marvel.

Kamala freaks out, recognising that she shares a name with her idol “Carol frickin’ Danvers.” Her father then tells her that despite her superpowers, she will always be his “little Ms Marvel,” and that, dear reader, is where the name Ms Marvel comes from.

Is Ms Marvel a mutant?

Perhaps the most exciting development in the Ms Marvel finale was Bruno’s revelation that Kamala’s powers are due to the fact that her genetics have been mutated. You know what that means, right? Yes, the X-Men are coming!

Okay, let’s calm down for a second and explore this. We know the X-Men characters will be introduced to the MCU at some point, but Marvel has always skirted around the existence of mutants, until now.

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There’s even a very cool little reference to the X-Men animated series from the ‘90s in this moment – if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a very short but very distinctive riff from the theme tune of the classic show.

Kamala is surely not the only individual with mutant genes in the world, which means there must be others who share the same “label” out there just waiting to be discovered.

Ms Marvel ending explained: Wolverine in the X-Men animated series

This is something of a deviation from the comic books, where Kamala is actually an Inhuman rather than a mutant, but we know how Kevin Feige and his team like to play around with the source material.

What happens in the Ms Marvel post-credit scene?

There is one post-credit scene in the Ms Marvel finale, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty integral to the events of the upcoming MCU movie The Marvels. If you’re patient enough to sit through the credits, you’ll see none other than Captain Marvel herself (Brie Larson) show up.

Ms Marvel ending explained: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

As Kamala sits on her bed and takes a well-earned break, her magical bangle starts to glow, and she suddenly disappears through what looks like some kind of inter-dimensional portal. That would be tantalising enough, but in her place, Carol Danvers appears.

From the way Carol is looking around the bedroom and seems surprised by the amount of Captain Marvel memorabilia, we think it’s likely that this is indeed Carol Danvers. But, there is a chance this could also be a Freaky Friday vibe, where Kamala takes on the form of Danvers.

We’re not sure exactly how or why this apparent trading places situation arises, but it sure does set up The Marvels pretty nicely, and we can’t wait to see how the heroes resolve this mess.

You can stream all episodes of Ms Marvel on Disney Plus now. At the time of writing, The Marvels has a theatrical release date of July 28, 2023.