Fast 10 is filming in Italy, fulfilling a promise from Vin Diesel

Fast and Furiouss 10 is currently filming in Italy, bringing Vin Diesel full circle on a promise he made for the action movie franchise

Vin Diesel in Fast 9

Filming is currently underway on Fast and Furious 10 in Italy, and Vin Diesel has revealed that bringing the action movie there was a long-term goal of his. In an Instagram video, he discusses the press tour for the fourth Fast and Furious movie, where Italian outlets asked when life a quarter mile at a time would arrive in the European country.

“Our movie had just opened at 70-something million in the US, and I was in awe,” he recalls. “I remember doing press with my Italian brothers and sisters, and they asked, ‘Would there ever be a Fast where you could actually film in Italy?’, and I said, ‘Yes’.”

He goes on to explain that when he made that vow, he didn’t quite think that it’d be on his birthday in 2022 that he would make good on it. The new Fast and Furious movie is filming beside the Colosseum as well, because Dom Torretto does not operate in half-measures. No indication of who else is filming with Diesel right now, but we can assume some familiar faces are in there somewhere.

In Fast 9, the crew made their way to Edinburgh, London, and Tokyo. Rome was just another logical stepping stone in the global thriller movie franchise, really.

Fast and Furious 10 is directed by Louis Leterrier, with Tyrese Gibson, Brie Larson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Sung Kang, Charlize Theron, and more in the stacked Fast and Furious cast. It’s the first in a  two-part finale that’s going to end the mainline franchise as we currently know.

Where could Fast and Furious go next? Only time will tell. Fast 10 is in theatres May 19, 2023.