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This is the worst death in Stranger Things season 4

During the course of Stranger Thing's four seasons, we've had some gnarly kills but the fourth series took things to a whole new level

During the course of Stranger Things‘ four seasons, we’ve had some gnarly kills. In season 1, we had Eleven breaking necks like a kid snapping popsicle sticks; season 2 had a guy eaten alive by a monstrous dog; meanwhile, season 3 upped things by showing possessed people liquefying their own bodies to provide ‘meat’ to an interdimensional invader.

The fourth and penultimate season of Stranger Things, however has given us our worst death yet. Warning spoilers ahead! Now, we’re not talking about Vecna/One’s preferred modus operandi of breaking his victim’s arms and legs before popping their eyes like ripe grapes (although that’s pretty horrific); we’re talking about how poor Jason met his end.

Well, we say ‘poor Jason’ of everyone who died in Stranger Things, season 4; his death was probably the most justified, but the way he went out was the scariest death we’ve seen during the Netflix series four-season run. You see, he didn’t die quickly, or like a hero. He went out the way he lived being a punk-ass DnD hating dickhead.

So how did Jason die? Well, after Vecna managed to finally kill Max (temporarily), the ritual to merge the Upside Down and our world was finally complete, and the gates his murders had opened began to grow.

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As these portals to another world began to grow, they created interdimensional faultlines that caused a huge earthquake to destroy Hawkins. Jason didn’t meet his end under falling debris, though. Oh, no, his death was far more painful.

Jason was bisected by one of the growing faultlines. The energy of which seemed to dissolve Jason’s flesh leaving the violent jock a fleshless skeleton. This is what you get for not liking Eddie Munson.

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