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Is Eternity in Thor: Love and Thunder?

In the Marvel Comics, every universe, including Earth-616, manifests itself as an anthropomorphic entity, but is Eternity in Thor: Love and Thunder

Will Eternity be in Thor: Love and Thunder: Eternity in Marvel Comics

Is Eternity in Thor: Love and Thunder? The mysterious entity plays a big part in the Marvel comics, and with Phase 4 having an increased focus on both the multiverse and deities — including Doctor Strange 2, Moon Knight and Eternals — it seems like now would be the perfect time to introduce Eternity to the MCU.

In terms of how Eternity works in the grand scheme of things, you should know for starters that, in the Marvel comics, every universe in the Multiverse can essentially manifest itself into an anthropomorphic entity called Eternity. Each universe, including Earth-616, has its own Eternity (each Eternity can also join together to form a larger, Multiverse Eternity, but you don’t need to know that for Thor 4).

In Fantastic Four Issue #262, Eternity was described as the sum total of everything that exists, both living and inanimate, in the universe. The omnipotent being has the power to bend space, time and reality according to its will, and in the comics, only manifests if there is a grave threat to the universe, such as during the Infinity Saga. But is Eternity in Thor: Love and Thunder? And if so, how does Eternity fit into the MCU?

is Eternity in Thor love and thunder?

Yes, Eternity is in Thor: Love and Thunder. They’re mentioned in the film’s second act and make their debut appearance in the movie’s thrilling final act: playing a pivotal role in the plot. Visually, Eternity is very accurate to how they appear in the comics, and they still have the same omnipotence and ability to bend reality at its will, but there are a few key differences in terms of Eternity’s role in the MCU.

Is Eternity in Thor 4: Gorr the God Butcher in Thor 4

In Thor 4, Eternity is said to grant one request to the person who is able to open the astral doorway to them and locate them. Gorr takes Stormbreaker from Thor in the Shadow Realm and uses its power to open the astral doorway to Eternity. This is because he wants to request that Eternity uses its power to kill all of the remaining Gods.

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However, after Jane, as the Mighty Thor, destroys his Necrosword and then dies in Thor’s arms, a dying Gorr has a change of heart. Instead, he requests that Eternity brings his young daughter back to life so he can see her one more time, before instructing Thor to look after her.

So, the newly-revived child of Gorr born from Eternity, love, and thunder returns to Earth-616 with Thor, who raises her as his own while also going on various adventures with her, as she too has supernatural powers.

What does this mean for the  MCU?

It’s been all but confirmed that as Phase 4 of the MCU comes to an end, all roads are heading to a big-screen adaptation of the Secret Wars saga. We’ve already the concept of the multiverse and incursions be introduced. In. Doctor Strange 2, incursions are the collision of multiple universes, causing their respective realities to be destroyed.

In the Secret Wars storyline, powerful cosmic beings called the Beyonders destroy not just the Enternity from Earth-616, but also the other Eternity variants inhabiting various other universes. As a result, more incursions occurred and various realities collapsed upon themselves.

From the remnants of these realities, a handful of heroes survive in various parallel universes and alternate dimensions cobbled together. These heroes are then thrown to one of the remaining, broken planets by Doctor Doom, who has stolen and harnessed the Beyonders’ power and are instructed to battle one another for his entertainment.

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It might be a long way to go before we’re in the thick of the Secret Wars, but with Eternity making its debut, the story is certainly going in the right direction.

Thor: Love and Thunder is available to watch in cinemas now.