Fast and Furious could restart like Jurassic Park, says Ludacris

The Fast and Furious movies are nearing their end, but actor Ludacris thinks the franchise could be reinvigorated like Jurassic Park has been

Ludacris in Fast 9

We’re seemingly staring down the end of the Fast and Furious movies, but some of the cast think there might be room for more down the line. Ludacris, who plays Fast and Furious character Tej Parker, believes the action movies could be re-invented like Jurassic Park has been.

“All great things come to an end. We’re shooting Fast 10 now, and that is the final chapter,” he told Fatherly. “But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, right? Look at Jurassic Park. That ended. But they reinvigorated it in another way.” He’s referencing how Jurassic Park became Jurassic World in 2015, and spawned a second trilogy of adventure movies with new cast-members Chris Pratt and Bryce-Dallas Howard.

Fast and Furious 10 is the first of a two-part conclusion that’s going to finish the thriller movie saga. For some of the actors, like Ludacris, it’ll end a 20-year-long stint in the franchise. That’s time enough for anyone. However, that doesn’t mean others couldn’t take the wheel. “I hope the Fast franchise will live on forever. Who knows, it might be our children who continue it, someday,” Ludacris adds.

The franchise has already started doing spin-offs, with Hobbs and Shaw in 2019, and an untitled, women-led spin-off that’s still in development. Nothing to say these can’t continue after Fast 11.

But we need to get through Fast 10 first, with Dom Toretto and his adopted family set to go after Cypher once and for all. F9 included a brief jaunt to space, with Tej in the driver’s seat. This has us all expecting the whole crew to become honorary astronauts. Life a quarter mile at a time to the stars, bay-by!

Anyway, Fast 10 will zoom into theatres May 19, 2023.